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Metal roofs from MayDay are quickly becoming a Minnesota favorite. The durability and modern look delivers home owners a fresh style and superior craftsmanship.

Every year more and more Minnesota homeowners are installing metal roofs on their homes. The popularity of metal roofs is due to their style, sustainability, and possible insurance discounts. Metal roofs are costume installed by using different shapes, colors and sizes of metal sheets to completely unique look for your home.

Benefits of a Minnesota Metal Roof

Lifespan for metal roofs

Metal roofs have an incredibly long life span. They easily tolerate Minnesota weather conditions and will last you 50 years with limited maintenance.

Maintenance Requirements

Minnesota metal roofs have many advantages and are only damaged by dropping something heavy on it. No more smaller repairs that left unattended can cause bigger issues.

Fire Safety

Metal roofs are extremely fire resistance. The melting point of the metal is very high and it will not be damaged by burning objects that hit your roof.

Animal damage resistance

Minnesota is famous for its abundance of residential critters. Metal roofs are resistant to wildlife damage from raccoon, woodpeckers, rodents, and annoying wasps nests.

Environmentally friendly

Metal roofs don’t contain lead or mercury so they will not have a negative health effects. They are also made from 100% recyclable metals and do not require special disposal.

Energy Efficient

Metal roofs reflect direct sunlight to avoid overheating in summer and adding high-quality insulating layer with your metal roof will protect the warmth in your home during the winter.

Minnesota Residential Metal Roof Styles

Minnesota Standing Seam Metal Roof

Minnesota Spanish Metal Roof

Minnesota Modern Metal Roof

Minnesota Rustic Metal Roof

The Last Roof You’ll Ever Buy

Standing Seam, Copper, and Metal Roofing Specialists.

We supply only the best metal to our customers and assure it meets highest quality standards before your new roof is installed. During installation every detail is taken with extreme care to ensure that the roof last for years to come.

A metal roof from MayDay is one of the best things you can do for your property. Not only do metal roofs provide superior protection, but metal roofs can protect from moisture far better than shingle roofs and last much longer.

Minnesota Residential Metal Roofs

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