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You need more than a roofer. You need an insurance claims expert.

We specialize in helping property owners reduce out-of-pocket costs by accurately identifying storm damage in a timely manner, and assisting in the property claim settlement process.

Roof Inspections

In the event of a storm or high winds, our staff can come out and completely inspect your roof, checking for leaks and severe storm damages that may cause major problems in the future. We offer free inspections that may prevent costly repairs at a later date.

Insurance Work

We realize dealing with your insurance company can be very stressful and confusing. We accept insurance work and will assist you with the insurance claim process. If your property has roof damage, contact MayDay Restoration for quality roof repair services.

Roof Installations

We can tear off your old roof and install a new shingle roof in a timely manner. We may decide you do not need a new roof and recommend repairs. Our repair services can make your roof look new again. Our crew thoroughly cleans up after each job. You can choose shingles from a variety of colors, sizes, textures and thickness.

During a roof inspection, we look for things like:

While some signs of damage may be obvious, it’s important for our team to perform a full inspection to identify minor issues before they become serious problems. Trust our team the next time you need a roof inspection or schedule routine inspections by contacting us.

Minnesota Roofing Done Right!

Let the best roofers in Minnesota replace your roof! Mayday Restoration has a team of experts ready to work on your home.

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